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 I'm a man with a barb wire heart...
all i do is cut scrape or kill
i cant heal
i dont do good
there is only on thing to do with my heart
that is to leave it alone
if only i could learn to stay away
i dont wanna hurt them
i just wanna get close 
but as soon as i touch them they bleed..
and slowly they can die

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many say alot about it...i think i never have found it....everytime i hear some one call something it, it isnt true it isnt there....does it exist...maybe not on earth

Me as the person

 I see myself not as me, its still me but i dont feel the same...i still remember days ago of childhood simplicities....legos, hot wheels and army men....how i miss them. now its computer, txting. IMing, video games....im plugged in....wired....if an EMP went off i think i would shut down with it...too connected....too far from origins.....but today i went fishing...not a big adventure

but there we came to ox bow in the river there were lilies.....soft with green....i could here it all rustling thru the trees....my dad said that a radio would ruin such a place as this...he was right i could see remnants of an old dock....where once a large boat had been....and around the bend large boats...mostly new...and among these titans of power stood a steel clad sail boat....and iff you look it contrasts the scene before

the dock is the past and the lilies are the present

and the new fiberglass hauls are the present and steel clad was the past....

i didnt have a single bite today....still by far the best fishing trip ever

My music

 i look at ever song i have ever written, and i second guess it, either the lyrics suck and the music works, or neither or i just cant find music.

but it seems the music has lost its snap, i actually think i may have no career in music

From here on out

 These are the burning guitarists new rules:
(mainly towards women)
  1. Treat all women fairly and be straight forward
  2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  3. cuss less
  5. make my yes mean yes and my no mean no
  6. to make more rules
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